Best known from the Carpenter’s recording of the song, Joe Raposo’s composition “Sing” is about as close to perfection as you can get; and carries a useful message. Science has now caught up with Mr. Raposo; studies show that singing makes you more relaxed and improves mood.

So why sing? And why sing out loud? There is no one right answer to this question. However, it seems almost everyone does have an answer to it. factoring polynomials

Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Strong
Singing loudly requires you to take deep breaths, exercising your lungs and increasing their capacity. This in turn helps you to breathe better. For people who for one reason or another cannot take vigorous exercise, singing is a great thing.

Sing of good things, not bad
Singing lowers your stress level. Studies which have been done on the phenomena of “Road Rage” show that those who sing in their cars have a much lower incidence of road rage than do those who do not sing in their cars. A music director tells us: “You can’t sing and hate at the same time”.

Sing of happy, not sad
Singing is more cathartic than is speaking. Singing is a good way to work through negative emotions; being able to express oneself in this way (for instance, the blues) goes a long way towards alleviating depression, sorrow and frustration.

Make it simple to last your whole life long
Children who are taught with singing incorporated in to their lessons learn more quickly compared to those who are not taught in this way. The elderly who sing on a regular basis are less likely to exhibit symptoms of senility. The more you make singing a habit, the more benefits there are for you.

Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear
We’re not all gifted with a beautiful singing voice. However, singing provides a benefit regardless of what your voice is like and what you may choose to sing. Singing provides calm and sharpens the mind, no matter what the tune (even if you can’t carry one yourself).

Just sing – sing a song
Mostly, people sing because it feels good to sing. They can express their emotions instead of bottling them up and reduce stress. You may want to try this yourself. You can have a much healthier, happier life if you just start belting out a tune next time the mood strikes and sing – sing a song!


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