There are different venues for camping and one of these is beach camping. For dyed in the wool campers, variety can be the spice of life and this could mean camping in many different places, by the mountains, near a forest or the desert. It can mean by a lake or a river. It will also include different seasons. Beach camping is one of these alternatives that at times you just don’t think of it. Not because it is a bad idea but mainly because for most people camping on a beach is not the normal camping association.

Beach camping can be a good experience as long as you are willing to take into account some of its differences. Obviously you need to have all your normal camping gear like you would have whenever camping anywhere else. With beach camping there are a few things that you need to be aware of before trying it out.

Now days it is not so easy to find a virgin beach where no man has been before. You could perhaps find one in other countries, maybe undeveloped countries, but for most of us camping on a beach will mean in our own country. And this will mean that others have been there, which brings up what could be the biggest issue on many beaches, which unfortunately is glass. Many people bring bottles to the beach to drink and as part of the experience they either leave them or break their bottles. You have to watch out for this glass else you can cut yourself. If you want a glass free environment look for a “dry” beach where people aren’t supposed to drink alcohol. If it’s not a dry beach, always keep your shoes on (even when part of the beach experience is going bare foot). Revdanda Beach Camping

Another thing you have to be aware of is that tides not only flow at specific hours, there are times when the tide is stronger and this means the tide may trick you when picking a campsite. Whatever you do, don’t set up your tent close to the water. Be sure to set up your camp site away from the water as the tide can come in faster than one would expect.

Tarps are very important. Bring a few extra tarps along. The sand is nice at times but can become annoying whenever you have to be constantly dealing with it. Extra tarps can help give you some relief from the sand. If you are camping for a couple of days or more you will find that sand can be a major annoyance, so make sure you fall into the habit of always wiping yourself and your things down, before entering your tent.


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